Project Profile: A versatile solution for Rookery South Energy Recovery Facility

About the project

Due to open in 2022, Covanta’s Rookery South Energy Recovery Facility in Bedford will process over 545,000 tonnes of solid waste that cannot be reasonably recycled each year. Not only will the facility help to reduce the UK’s reliance on landfill waste, it will generate over 60 megawatts of low carbon energy per annum – enough energy to power approximately 112,500 homes.

The Rookery South Energy Recovery Facility will operate 24 hours a day, 7 days a week once it opens, and will create 50 permanent positions to bolster the local economy. The plant will also offer nearby residents the opportunity to access a 10% subsidy on their electricity bills by joining the Rookery South Community Energy Initiative (RSCEI).


Why Greenwood Louvre?

With the facility set for around-the-clock operation when it comes online, effective ventilation was a key consideration to ensure safety for on-site staff and a consistent indoor environment suitable for waste processing. To meet the specification, Greenwood Louvre supplied and installed a series of high-integrity ventilation solutions.

Greenwood Louvre’s high-performance louvres were installed to help facilitate sufficient airflow while delivering weather protection, contributing to an effective ventilation system in combination with volume control dampers which will maintain volumetric pressure and enable directional airflow through the plant. As the waste management process will generate significant hot air, Labriento roof vents were installed to provide an outlet and keep the internal temperature down.

To cut down on noise pollution from the facility, acoustic louvres were also specified. Greenwood Louvre’s dedicated acoustic solutions help to reduce nuisance noise, protecting the local community from the loud reprocessing procedure.

When the Rookery South Energy Recovery Facility comes online, it will benefit from ongoing maintenance and support from Greenwood Louvre in order to ensure minimal downtime over the long term. The reprocessing centre represents an ongoing trend towards sustainable energy in the UK, and will undoubtedly deliver positive results on both a local and national scale for years to come.

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