Project Profile: First-class Solution for Angel Lane University Halls of Residence

About the project

Situated in Stratford, London is Angel Lane – a large, atmospheric student accommodation block that is home to students of Kings College London. Just a short drive from the centre of London with a multitude of transportation links to different college campuses around the capital, Angel Lane is perfectly located to satisfy student living and learning.


Why Greenwood Louvre?

When designing the halls of residence, creating a young, vibrant atmosphere that encouraged community and socialisation was a priority. However, the main consideration, much like any major construction project, was the safety and security of the occupants.

Fire safety and protection drive building design and ensuring the facility would perform as expected in the event of a fire was integral. Wanting to protect residents’ block aesthetics, Greenwood Louvre was approached to deliver fire protection solutions that instilled confidence in performance but would not compromise building design.

Balancing design requirements and fire strategy can sometimes be a challenge, but Greenwood Louvre’s expertise in delivering smoke and fire management systems made them a key partner to the Angel Lane project.

Greenwood Louvre recommended and installed a cost-effective yet sophisticated solution that seamlessly satisfied Angel Lane’s fire protection requirements. Discretely hidden away, fire curtain and fire shutter systems were installed to provide effective compartmentation in the event of a fire.

Not only effective in segregating a fire and enabling safe passage of exit for occupants, but both solutions are only activated upon fire detection – meaning that normal day to day operations are not impacted by the installation of fire curtains or shutters.

As well as providing the initial solution, Greenwood Louvre also has a long-standing relationship with Angel Lane, providing ongoing service and maintenance. As a partner that supports the fire strategy from design to installation and beyond, Angel Lane can be confident that their fire protection solutions are regularly checked, maintained and are working effectively.

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